Friday, October 28, 2011

i WILL blog more often!

I am committed to blogging more.
There, I said it, and now I have accountability.
Please, I beg of you...

For real, though.  I want to document my life and share it with you [whomever you may be - I would love if you made your presence known whenever you enjoy a post or have a thought to share!].  I have learned that when I am forced to write out what I am going through that I end up understanding it more - I can more truly grasp what is going on.  When I take time for those threads of my heart to get untangled one by one, I have found that I end up living life with tremendously more peace, joy, and believe it or not, productivity.  Not only are these reasons wonderful, but the number one reason is because the Lord has called me to be faithful to blog and share.  He keeps giving me more and more reasons so blog, too!  So here I am, day number 2. : )

The house is quiet this morning.  I have a bit of homework left to finish for the week, which is always a relief when it is done for the weekend.  It doesn't take a tremendous amount of time, but does require focus, and when I am done for the week it isn't always in the back of my mind - expectations on time are so heavy, aren't they??  This week I have started tracking when Noah takes his naps to see if we can regulate a more structured schedule for him now that I think he is old enough.  I counted last night and realized that he naps for about 6 hours during the day.  That was eye opening for me for sure, especially because I realized that that isn't very much time at all.  For some of you, that might seem like gobs of time, and I am getting better with what I can do during his waking hours, but to have time with the Lord, eat breakfast, clean up, do laundry and whatever else around the house that I need that day or whatever distracts me, and THEN get homework done... yeah, it definitely opened my eyes to see why I never seem to get done all that I expect out of my day.  Like ever.  I love those revelations - though a bit of a disappointment because now I realize how precious little time I have, now that knowledge helps me strategize how to maximize that time better.  And to be honest, I crave his waking time.  I find myself looking at pictures and videos of him when he naps, and thinking about how I can't wait to hug him when he wakes up in the morning and I kiss him at LEAST 100 times in his first waking hour because I haven't gotten to all night.

Anyway, we are having some company over tonight... so exciting!  I LOVE when we can share what the Lord has given us and open up our home - it makes life just feel right.
our spare bedroom, ready for our guests.

I'm also washing some loads of scrap fabric that I scored over the summer - a whole box for a $1!!!  The Lord loves me, and just knew that I would want to sew this fall... :)
This is only half of it... and please know that I have lovely
pink rosed pj pants on. Love them!

Three things that are SO on my mind and heart this week are:

|     I want to take this class so badly!  I think mom might get it for me for an early Christmas gift so I can learn before the end of the year... yeaaaaaaah!! :)  It's $50 and I can't just drop that kind of money right now, but I keep thinking about it and have for MONTHS now, so I hope I get to do it!  It's just a life skill that I could totally use as a wife and mommy, and would love to make whatever I want for around the house and for gifts!  I am already getting excited about some projects I have recently found. : )

|     I am going tonight with the our youth group to the Acquire the Fire in Cleveland, and I am SO excited to see what God does in their lives and how He shows up.  It's incredibly different to be on this side of the event, and my anticipation is super, super high for the youth [and for us as leaders!] to whatever God has on His agenda for us.  It always greatly impacted my life when I was a youth and went [every year].  I am also so loving getting to see those that I know that are still on tour.  It's wild realizing that that's what I was just doing, literally, not even a year and a half ago.  My, how time can quickly change things...

|     I have just started going through this ebook.  Now that my newborn is no longer a newborn, I'm seeking to adjust life into productivity mode.  I want my personal vision to be renewed, and put practical steps in place to keep pursuing that vision during this season.  Plus, I always need to adjust every few years [or more than that] to what I thought my life vision was to where life has taken me and add in the clarifying revelations that I get through life experiences as well.  This is the first time I have really sought out my vision since being married as well, and Chris and I want to protect our family and our calling by being purposeful, and I want to make it real in me!  It's totally free, I recommend going through it if you are interested.

That's all for now, folks.  See you next week.  Hope you have a beautiful, fall weekend.
tk <3


  1. Tara- I love your blog and ready about your heart. You are an incredible woman of faith and I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed at this very transition time in our lives. I have a blog too and it does help me digest my life, so keep it up! Hugs to you sista!

  2. I proofed that after I posted... it's suppose to say reading about your heart. Can you tell we had a rough night :)

  3. Hello again dear friend! It is wonderful and refreshing to hear your words- yes, "hear" them. I can hear you speaking as I read :) Thank you for sharing. I will try to be a consistent supporter- who knew comments could brighten one's day so much?? :)
    It's great to read of your adventures and progression with Noah. They help me evaluate my own days and weeks, checking to be sure I am prioritizing and raising Coen the best I/we can.
    With Love, Shayna

  4. Loved your post! We always feel the same way about having people over and sharing what God has blessed us with! =)