Monday, November 14, 2011

Noah, you're 4 months old!

We just can’t get over how cute you are!!  We look at you and admire your cuteness at least every other day, just staring and taking it in…  We aren’t sure now looking back how we thought you were “cute” when you were first born, but I guess we were just thoroughly in love, and that’s wonderful. J  You are absolutely the sweetest, most fun, happiest, easiest baby I have ever met, seen, heard of, held… hands down.  We are so blessed!
  • ·         You can’t roll over yet! You still love flipping over onto your side though - you'll hang out over there while babbling and chewing on something.
  • ·         You will give the hugest smile to mommy or daddy when they join you in the room that you are in after you’ve been alone.  You truly are sunshine.
  • ·         You haaaate tummy time.  If anything, you can last up to about 5 minutes.  MAYBE.  Daddy’s worried because he wants you to crawl and asks mommy daily how long she has made you do tummy time [I feel like I’m torturing you!].  However, daddy does think you could probably start walking any day now because you are so strong.
  • ·         You loooove to stand up.  It’s one of your favorite things, and you are always SO proud of yourself when you do.  If anyone decides to touch both of your hands at the same time while you are laying down, you instantly grab on, strongly hold up that head of yours, tighten those abs, and lock your legs and there is no other option but up!! As soon as you get there you chomp down onto the closest finger of your aforementioned supporter and suck/gnaw for as long as they will let you.  That, or you look around left and right as proudly as you can and try to lock eyes with daddy so he applauds you for standing up. You are oh, so proud of yourself.
  • ·         You are .always. in the mood for: being held by mommy [Uncle Jeremy says that you are a mommy’s boy… and momma likes it that way.]
  • ·         It’s only happened once, but during a Sunday night young adult service, you leaned towards Uncle Jeremy until he held you, then you held his neck.  He is soooo proud that it was him that you reached out to for the very first time.
  • ·         You love love love touching and feeling things… your blanket monkey is still your favorite, you love to touch the silky part undernearth and the soft part on top.  When you are nursing, you love to touch mommy’s mouth, her nose, or gently swat at her hair, even when your eyes are closed.  It might be TMI, but I [mommy] LOVE IT. J it melts my heart every time.
  • ·         No more giggles yet!  They have escaped out just about 3 times in the last month and a half or so.
  • ·         One time this month when you were on your tummy, you scooted your butt into the air several times!  Mommy even got it on video, but you haven’t done it since.  I guess you didn’t realize that’s what you should be doing to get ready to crawl!
  • ·         It is regularly observed of you that you are very sharp, you look right into people’s eyes, and you take in what’s going on around you - you are very in tuned to your surroundings.  You like to be sitting so that you can see what’s going on.  Mommy and Daddy’s friend Sam says that you look like a “professor”, and others have agreed that that’s a great name for you!
  • ·         Right now we are busy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights with church activities and have been for two months now.  You are definitely getting your fill of being active in the house of the Lord from a young age!
  • ·         Mommy has been trying to monitor your schedule this month.  Right now you eat every two hours [more often than only varying by a few minutes] and you have a morning, afternoon and evening nap.  You wake up sometimes during the night for your pacificer, but other than that you sleep from about 10:30pm-7:30am!

We love you and can’t get enough of you, precious baby Noah.

And what a treasure this is.... I found a note that Chris had written to Noah last month, here you go... :)

From Dad-
Noah it’s so hard to believe that your already 3 months old well actually 14 weeks.  Wow, you’ve grown so fast and soon you’ll be crawling all over the place.  You have been such an added joy in our lives.  I can’t imagine what life would be without you.  You truly are a gift from God.  I get so excited when I get to come home and see you and mommy after work every day.  Your mommy and I are always praying for you and over you that God’s will will be perfect in your life.  Noah I love you so incredibly much and will tell you that every day.  Even now I’m so proud of you ….


  1. Mrs. Tara,
    the "TMI" bit is wonderful, it's delightful to know you are bonding with him in that time...for some mothers they dread nursing.

    This whole thing reminds me a bit of that "Gmail" commercial you shared when you were pregnant.

    In all the babies I've seen, I've noticed a trend in the happy ones...they're loved and the have the joy of the Lord because the peace in the home. Even on the road you were an encouragement and your presence was "homey", I can't imagine what your house is like!

  2. You are such a sweet mom, and Noah is so so fortunate to have you and his daddy. oh and he was cute from the beginning to everyone, so don't think twice about that! He just gets cuter every day. Love you guys and so happy to know you and grow in friendship with your sweet little family :-)

  3. He is sooo cute! We just found out 3 weeks ago we are having a boy and his name is going to be Noah as well! Love it so much.

  4. He is going to love reading this someday!! :)