Thursday, September 15, 2011

a glimpse of my thursday afternoon.

chicken noodle soup lunch.  yum.

philosophy homework on the brand, brand new laptop!

a week's worth of laundry.
noah's laundry.

snuggled in for a nice, long afternoon nap  -
wonderful so momma could get her homework done!

a tiny glimpse of autumn on our new tree
planted just this summer in front of our home.

nap's over, homework is done.
time for some snuggles before daddy comes home from work!

happy thursday pm to you.
tk. <3


  1. Aww :) I swear every picture I see of him I think he looks like someone else.. but in that last one, I see alot of his daddy! He's growing so fast!! What a sweetie <3

  2. LOVE this. He is so sweet! :)

  3. He's getting so big ... how sweet :) What a precious little guy!

  4. A. love the print of your napkin
    B. handsome little Noah is so shnuggled up....it makes me feel warm and cozy, even here in FL.
    C. I'm so jealous of that bitty fall tree in your hard. I want those leaves. haha.
    D. love to you