Friday, July 22, 2011

the first 14 days of his little life.

today marks our noah christopher's 2nd week birthday.
i can't believe my sweet boy is already two weeks old!
it's been a wonderful two weeks of getting to know him and adjusting to being our new family.

in honor of this holiday, i wanted to share some pictures,
a glimpse into each day of his life outside the womb thus far as captured on my iphone.

a few hours after labor had finally begun.
he was 8 or 10 days late depending on which due date we went by.
yes, i was out to eat dinner and in labor -
 I had to get in one last good meal before "the hardest work of my life."

by morning time, i was finally allowed to see this precious face
that i had wondered about for so long
and to hold him in my arms...

 daddy's in love.
this is our first time, just as the three of us,
a few hours after noah was born.

newborn face. :)

night time shift...
i was supposed to be sleeping,
but i couldn't help staying awake
to just stare and let it sink in...

finally on our way home.
he cried until he held my finger,
then he slept the rest of the way home without letting go -
melt . my . heart.

meeting our friends (Jordan and Kim).

happy feet.

(going to interject a daddy pic here)
he started with a full beard/mustache
that he decided to grow until baby noah arrived.
that night he went to shave, and was inspired to keep only this.
as my brother rob would say,
"that's just sooo dirty."
don't worry, it's gone now.

if you don't get this onesie, watch this:
onesie compliments of my dear friend, rebekah. :)

 my wonderful momma in the background,
cleaning my house, taking care of me and baby,
serving my fam like crazy.
thanks for everything, mom and Sharon,
that you have done for us the last two weeks!!
i don't want to even try to imagine it without the two of you.

he fell asleep like this...
i need to find him a baby-size eye mask for his naps.

visitors!!  jake and sarah brought their precious eden
and spent some time visiting with us and meeting our noah.

daddy's making breakfast.

eden and noah. little buddies.

teaching jake and sarah to play 'settlers of catan.' 

...and eden, too.

sunday morning cuddles with daddy.

monday morning can be rough for anybody.

(imagine these kicking alternately and with serious emotion)
this is what an 11-day-old's frustration fit looks like.

"can i be an h&m model??
grandma k gets me SO many cute outfits."

the coffee didn't work apparently...

our precious son,
sweet dreams.
Jesus, watch over him and protect him.


  1. heart.. melting.. So beautiful. :) Love it.

  2. Ahh.. I cry every time I read ANYTHING about this little man and your family. I love you Tara, praying for you, and bless you in the Lord as you walk down this new chapter of your life. Forever changed.


  3. Oh my gosh, he is so precious! It really brought tears to my eyes to see this! :) what a blessed little boy he is, you can just feel the love you both have for him all the way across the country! God bless little Klefsaas, you are gorgeous!

  4. so sweet!!! you are loved little noah!!

  5. Love the pics, Tara! He is so precious! I also LOVE the "put a bird on it" which I had never seen before, as well as the awesome Panda and Green Stripes Outfit!! :D

    God's richest blessings to you and your family.... :)

  6. Okay, homie. A. I'm so sad we didn't get to see one another when I was home, B. I love the 'Put a Bird on It' shirt, C. I love the precious picture after that one (my heart melted), D. Baby boy blue is preccciiioouuus. <3