Wednesday, June 22, 2011

our little guy's 1st room.

though i don't think these do the room justice, here is a glimpse of our baby's room and all our creativity over the last several months. 

we are ready for him to come home...

view from the door.

to the right of the door.

to the left of the door.

diaper caddy / changing table.

"welcome home, baby"
[my big brother, baby's uncle robby, made this sign for him]

all our little guy's new friends, waiting to play.

mommy and daddy's bags are packed and ready to go.
now when will this little dude arrive?
no signs of true labor yet, but in the waiting we are at peace.
and we have a feeling [a word from the Lord]
that it's going to be very, very soon... :)


  1. EEEEE...soo exciting!!! :) praying for la familia...what a blessing!

  2. Soo cute! I am so excited for you both!!!

  3. so exciting Tara!! love the room!