Thursday, June 16, 2011

nesting, pt. 2.

it's been such a blissful morning. 
i love waking up early to aboslutely no alarm and feeling completely rested.
today this has resulted in a peaceful morning with windows open [equaling house FILLED with fresh, precious, summer air], working on last crafts to decorate little man's room, a delic- breakfast of a quiche i made yesterday and baked this AM [YUMMY! i will post pics and recipe next time i make it], and ever so perfect glass of OJ [love it... have had a glass with calcium nearly every morning of my pregnancy.  excuse me while i fetch a refill...]

everything, and i mean everything, has been laundered over the last week for this kid.  i just have to put away a few last things in his room, and, with the help of my man, hang a few things and get a few projects done, but we truly are in a season of waiting now that most of our pre-baby-arrival projects are checked off our list.  yesterday i hit 38 weeks, and though those that truly are the waiters are those that make it to 41-42 weeks, i feel almost like i am there since i have felt like our little guy was going to come a few weeks before his due date.  every morning now, Chris and I wake up, look at each other, and say, "do you think today is going to be the day?"  it's wild waiting for everything in life as we know it to completely change, and it's all hinged on something so out of my control [whenever labor begins].  the most glorious part is that each and every day that passes is SO peaceful, SO enjoyable, that I know that the Lord's hand is in it - He is just giving me precious, protected time to rest up and enjoy life and the month of June.  Chris wanted me to leave work earlier than I wanted to [I was ready to work until my water broke, he wanted me to leave about a week and a half ago].  his reasoning was that he wanted me to enjoy this "down time" that I would, in many, many ways never have back again... just him and I, just me and the Lord, just me pre-baby/children time.  I bucked for a while, not wanting to be "bored" at home and to keep making money, but when I went to the Lord, I found peace in following what Chris was suggesting, though I didn't really understand why.  so alas, here is to another day at home, cranking away at small to do's that have been on my list for months, or touching up things to decorate our little boy's walls, or becoming a pro at how much Dreft is too much to use in his laundry, no matter HOW clean I want everything around my precious newborn boy to be.

this past weekend was a full-on 2 1/2 days of my husband and I.  only the two of us.  I ADORE spending time with him, and we had the best of it.  since I have been working Saturday's since I moved home over a year ago, 2 1/2 days solid has been a desired treasure and a rarity, so we loved it.

folding newborn-sized laundry.
[and probably watching hockey or basketball playoffs]

daddy likes this one.

crazy over diapers.

went to a flea market.
came out empty-handed, but it was fun to walk around.



three is forever company. <3

we took lots of naps.
[i loooove this picture.  to be cherished and shown to our little guy for years...
he has such a good daddy.]

and we found our wonderful outdoor sale in a local city in their downtown square.
no treasures were acquired, but several were enjoyed visually.

that's all for now.  hopefully little man's room will be done and pictures of that will adorn my next post.
off to read from the book of Jeremiah...


  1. Love your blog and all the pix. Just checking in to see if he is here!

  2. Love it- You both will be amazing parents- that's one blessed little fellow!

  3. Fun pictures, Tara!
    I've been savoring the book of Jeremiah this June! I once found a sermon on Jeremiah by Bob Sorge which I've been thinking about tons, too :)