Thursday, April 7, 2011

things i wish i would craft.

every week it seems like i find new items online that look so fun and oh-so-easy to make, bake and create at home. 

funny thing is, i realized this week that i have way more ideas saved than what i've actually created.


well i can say this... i LOVE peeking at my fellow bloggers ideas and their mad skills, and dreaming i could be as accomplished as they in their crafting expeditions.

i'm holding onto some favorite ideas for Easter, and for when i have more time on my hands when school is done, or maybe when i'm home full-time with baby (if i have free time... though it sounds like we will just have to wait and see what happens in that area in a few months).

here's to wanting to be a craftie...

and here's to spring.

28 weeks.


  1. loooooook how cute you are!!!!

  2. ohhhhh love this pic of you :)
    I know what you mean with finding things...but not creating!
    School consumes my life and I struggle to keep my house clean, so I figure I should avoid making a bigger mess with crafting!

  3. I am convinced that crafting and pregnancy go hand in hand. I crafted more when I was pregs than any other time in my life! Maybe it's part of nesting?

    Either way, enjoy it :) Soon you will be SO enthralled by the creation the Lord has crafted inside of you and then gifted to you that when you have "time to spare" you will find yourself trying to decide if you are more hungry or more smelly. Or if you should put your hungry smelly self in bed because you are so tired. That same hungry, smelly, tired self will also sometimes choose instead to just sit and stare in amazement at the wonderful (sleeping) gift in front of you.

    In the meantime, happy crafting and happy spring, friend!

  4. Brit, thanks! :) ha
    Kylie, I hear ya, girl, but it seems like I am not living life as richly if I am not creating... do looking at other blogs ever make you feel that way??
    Marsha, thanks... I keep hearing that's the way it will be. :)

  5. i love looking at other peoples crafty-ness on their blogs and it does make me feel like i am not living life as richly. i completely understand :] i also wish i had more time to just sit and create something! i literally leave home before the sun rises and usually get home after it has set :/ i guess this is just a season though!!
    you look so beautiful! i am so excited for the life that is being formed inside of you! it makes me have a new perspective when i think about Psalms 139:13!

    Wow God!
    what an honor and blessing you have!!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I can tell I will enjoy following yours. You have such a sweet baby bump! Looking forward to seeing more :)