Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baby registry.

a few weeks ago, hubsy and i went out to knock out our baby registry.
our shower isn't until the first week of June, but we felt like March was a good time to just make our registry (for whatever reason... : ).
though i didn't document our first outing (oopsy!), I got some glimpses to document our second stop later that week.

what an encounter with God registering was for me.
here's the thing...

being pregnant [and those of you that have been with child can probably testify], i've come to experience that almost all other women [especially] enjoy sharing their advice on what "to for sure do" and "what to for sure not do" all throughout your pregnancy term.  as I found in being in a relationship, being engaged, and being newly married... it is IMPOSSIBLE to apply all of the advice that people so love to share throughout that phase as well - since it comes from so many different sources, obviously several conflicts are inevitable and do happen.  so all advice isn't possible to apply! 

well, researching for our baby registery was about 10 x's more intense on deciding what we "needed" to raise our little man than casual comments to consider from dear, old friends to simple passerby's that notice my belly and strike up a conversation.  as of late we've also been researching sleeping methods, feeding methods, birthing methods and the list goes on, so registering was the tip of the iceburg.  the deeper into the "stuff" I got, the deeper I realized, that

all of what was going to be "best" for our little man was absolutely happening right now in my womb. 

though we have to run around and get our list of "stuff", my mind kept wandering back to how he was doing right now.  right now, where he is, he is:

warm enough
cool enough
fed enough
comfortable enough
relieving himself enough
safe enough
sleeping enough
awake enough
and on, and on, and on...

God created my womb to be the PERFECT environment for my tiny son, and my body simply CAME with that womb.  it's kind of like breathing - even if I am not thinking about making it happen even though it is SO important, it is still happening, because God created my body that way.  it just HAPPENS.  and all I am left to do is stand by in awe, and become more and more amazed that what had once achieved the size of a tiny olive, and is now the size of a head of cabbage [ha...] is every bit of a human at each stage, breathing, functioning, alive...


registering was fun, and i look forward to some of the "stuff" because, you know, it's fun, but the personal and DEEP revelation of how capable and equipped God is makes me ever more content and CONFIDANT in God as the Creator of Life and the perfect Teacher for me as a mother, since He's got this down pat.  SUCH peace in Him, friends...

"in God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to Your name forever."  -psalms 44.8


  1. Ahh seriously love this Tara! and so true. God is doing his fascinating work and has been doing so this entire time :-)

  2. aww.. so happy for you two, or three I should say:) wish I could be there, praying for ur beautiful familia.


  3. so wonderfulllll. and you are tooo cute!!

  4. oh man, it is sooo easy (and fun!) to go overboard with those registry guns. i registered when i was only about 20 weeks along because it makes it easier to modify things if need be, as some people like to give gifts pre-maturely. love the pics!!

  5. Wow, such an inspiring post. You're definitely a great momma-in-the-making!

  6. Tara, this was exciting to read about! I am taking an embryology class next fall and absolutely cannot wait!

    THanks for sharing this revelation :)

  7. Wow Tara - that's SOOOO good! I'll keep that in mind for the future for sure! Praying for you!