Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hockey game.

last night right after i got off work, and i went right over to my husband's hockey game.
he used to play when he was little all through college.
now he's in a men's league - i'm so glad whenever he gets to play.
it's such a passion of his, and he comes alive when he thinks about playing, gets to play, or even talks about playing.

he's the one with the yellow helmet

our little man (23 weeks) has gone CRAZY twice already when i've watched hockey, once last weekend when chris was picking out a new hockey stick and i was watching a jr's league, and then last night.

i barely can feel him sometimes, but as soon as i walked into the rink and started watching his daddy, he was kicking on the side, and then low and grooving around like crazy.

i don't think he can wait to get out of the womb and get on the ice.
i'm gonna have to get him something like this for his crib to welcome him into this wonderful world of skating and hockey:

<3 tk

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