Sunday, February 20, 2011

hello, blogging world.

well, it's about time for my first post!

a blog has been something that I have wanted to dive into for several months now.  for some reason, in order for me to have a home to create, i have to have things "in order" first.  kinda weird, i think, but i've learned that about myself.

for those of you that don't know all of the things that have been filling my time and taking my attention over the last length of time, the last 12 months have been flavored with:

 [lots of] traveling,
      living in texas and moving to ohio,
            planning a wedding [yeah!!],
  getting hitched to the man of my dreams,
    starting a new job in a bridal shop,
        heading back to college to continue chipping away towards a degree,
   living life as a newlywed,
       living life in love with Jesus Christ [my Savior],
           and getting pregnant [surprise!] with our precious baby boy.

what an adventure... wow.

so this blog is dedicated to life, and life lived abundantly.

i want to share it with you - would love to hear your thougths while you are reading.
take your time, look around.
enjoy the adventure with me.

here is a glimpse of life recently! 
last weekend, my man and i had an incredible valentine's day adventure.
we were finally able to make an hour long trip out to one of our most favorite stores, stash style.   we've started the nesting phase of getting ready for mr. baby klefsaas [sometimes i think my husband has hit the nesting phase way harder than i have - and i love it :)].
we've been searcing like crazy for just the right bedding set, and we finally chose it after much searching.  we placed our order, and received in the mail with sheer excitement just a few weeks ago.
wanna see it??  we think it's PERFECT.

so we are moving forward now with the decorating plans!
we journeyed to stash style for inspiration and add-on's to the room.
here's some pictures from our adventure.

me and my little preggy belly [20 wks-halfway!]. 
you can barely see it in this pic, sorry.

gathering our treasuries...

 this store is filled with antiques and created treasuries - love it!!!

my man [chris] in the zone... he gets so focused when he's thrifting!

here we are!
so in love, and so excited to be preparing our baby boy's first bedroom.

a variety of coordinating paint swatches we've swiped from who knows how many stores.

where it's at.

 the jewelry wall.

my man searching for the perfect new hockey stick
[true minnesota man].

that's enough for now.
good night, lovely world.


  1. oh how exciting. you guys are such the hipster couple and i love it. where is this wonderful store that you are writing about, i'd love to go. can't wait to meet my nephew. miss you. love you sister.

  2. Beautiful blog Tara! Welcome to the blogging world...I look forward to hearing more of your life/heart through this!

  3. Yay, Tara!! This is so happy to me :-) Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos and that bedding set... adorable! Can't wait to keep up with your life via blogging. Bless you!

  4. yay BABIESSSSSSSS!! i'm so excited you are having a little boy. and i'm glad i can read alllll about it now!! love you!

  5. It's absolutely amazing how quickly your life has changed, grown, developed, etc.. It's so fun to see you so happy, in love, and excited for all God is doing in and through you!! Blessings on this wonderful season of life. Drink in every moment my friend.. it all goes so incredibly quick. My "baby girl" is 13 and babysitting! Everyone told me how fast it goes... I don't think I really believed them. But it seems like just yesterday I was rocking her in the middle of the night - praying during the hours she wouldn't sleep. I'd give anything for a few of those moments back again!! Love you!!

  6. Not sure why Jake's account came up - that post was from me - Pam!! too funny! :)

  7. Thanks for all the "welcomes" - it's nice to know you lovelies are all reading. :)
    And Pam, so funny, didn't even know who JL Motorcycles was, thanks for the clarification! ;)

  8. YAY!!! Can I just say that I'M SOOOO THRILLED to get caught up in your life? I am way blessed to know such a woman, wife, and future mother, such as yourself. PLUS, even better that you married a MINNESOTAN!!! YAY! hahaha...Love the pictures. That store looks like you'd go crazy b/c of all the fun stuff haha...can't wait to see the baby boy's room.

    Many blessings and excited to read more.

    all my love beautiful.

  9. Yesss!!! You are so beautiful!! I lovvvve your blog :)